Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


The 625 mile Monarchs Way goes right through Mere celebrating King Charles II’s journey of escape from the Battle of Worcester in 1651 always just evading the pursuing parliamentary troops. In point of fact he dined at The George Inn which is in Mere’s Square. There are 4 ancient “Bowls Barrows” on Long hill but as far as we know none of them hold the remains of anyone called Drake, Taylor or Henselite.

During his restoration King Charles was presented with what was said to be the first home grown pineapple in England, we all hoped the “Merry Monarch’s” ghost wouldn’t cause a home-grown one of our own in today’s match.

Romney, Ann and Anthony seemed to have a “spaniel” in the works and were quickly 8 down but that seemed to spark a fantastic recovery. End by end they started playing some majestic bowls to such an extent they drew away to be 21-14 victors.

Like the king, June, Amr and Ken were in a match of many close shaves and absolutely no hiding place. A very tense game with no-one prepared to be cavalier and spoil their chances, the 16-16 draw was fair to both sides.

At five shots down Gill, Roy and John needed many a “Round” head to go their way and by sheer persistence not only got themselves back in it but crowned that fight back with a 18-16 win.

Thanks to Karen and her team for their hospitality and their part in what was an awesome game. We may have won 7-1 but in truth this match was way closer than the result suggests.

King Charles’ passions earned him the nickname of Old Rowley, reasons for which I will not elaborate on in this piece. His favourite track, Newmarket racecourse, splits into two final straights one of which is called the Rowley Mile and I would like to think that this year we will stay the course too.

King Charles famously brought back Christmas after kill joy Oliver Cromwell’s Puritans banned it for 13 years and what a present the team gave us today. Every member of our team can be immensely proud of how they didn’t buckle, but dug deep and came strong at the finish, I certainly was.

Thanks guys and gals.