Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


As mentioned in the earlier away report both Wilton and Salisbury are celebrating 100 not out this year. The term “playing on a sticky wicket” took on a whole new meaning with the sunny conditions and extra cover would have been a welcome bonus.

Barbara, Amr and Ken gave a first class performance and slogged away to a 16-3 lead halfway which they were never going to let slip, moving on to an impressive knock of 23-13.

Romney, Sylvia and Anthony struggled to follow through in the first nine but pitched in well with a declaration of intent, gaining ground in the second half. They finished in style with a hat-trick of ends 16/17 and 18 to edge it by 17-14.

Jan, Ron and Geoff got ahead at end 3 and were never going to let themselves be caught, eventually sweeping through for a 17-11 win.

The match had the occasional four, a wide or two, some blockers, a few L.B.W.s (Luck By Wick) and some special Yorkers that somehow found their way through to the Jack. We enjoyed a friendly competitive game of bowls and we thank Pat and her team from Wilton for their part. Having won the toss we were never going to allow ourselves get onto the back foot for long and finished strongly. Congratulations to Sylvia, Ron and Jan winning on their first games of the season.

A great deal of respect team, for a job very well done, cheers everyone.