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Future Social Events

  • Sunday September 24th – Alphas v Omegas with light hearted quiz over tea.
  • Saturday October 28th – Pub Games Evening with Supper.
  • Friday November 17th – Quiz Night with Supper.
  • Saturday December 16th – Christmas Party.
  • Suggested for 2024 – Frog Racing, Bingo, Musical Evening and who knows?

Social Events

First of all, THANK YOU to those of you that the supported the Bowls Bash & BBQ. To have the spread of our membership so well represented was very gratifying to those behind the scenes and very good for the club.

“Now for something completely different”

Bowls, Surprises, Cakes (naughty but scrumptious) and a few extras thrown in for good measure. Plenty to do for the active and entertaining to watch.
To cover the cost of refreshments there will be a charge of £2.50 per head.
The bar will be open. Please sign up on the notice board in the foyer.
Non-bowling guests are welcome (one per member).
Casual dress, with a hat! – Outrageous is good!


A little note from Jane:

Ladies (and Gentlemen who enjoy cooking!)
I am asking a favour! So if you are still reading, here it is :
We are having a fun afternoon on the 20th August with a couple of twists, so I am asking if you have a favourite cake, or small cakes that you enjoy making and even perhaps think of as your ‘signature cake’ that you could possible make one for me for that afternoon?
All your ingredients will be paid for and it would be lovely if perhaps some of our new or newer members could join in with this, maybe introducing us to something different. Just to give a little encouragement, Roger will be making some soft flapjacks!! His cook book is somewhat limited but scrambled egg and his flapjacks are legendary.
If you feel that you would be happy to help, please contact by email email hidden; JavaScript is required or text 07979824936 and I will get back to you very quickly.
Many thanks.