Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


On a wet start to the afternoon it is tempting to pop into the Downton Brewery prior to getting to the bowls club. Three of their popular tipples seemed destined to offer encouragement for the home team, “Downton Dream”, “Endeavour” and tripping the “Light Fantastic” perhaps they knew something we didn’t. Fortunately alcohol isn’t a requirement to get the agreeable blend of skills that were on show here today. The league has been fermenting nicely and everything is to play for.

On Rink 1: Jackie, Mick and Geoff came up against really stiff opposition and after two 6s against them they really tried to tap into that good flow we all look for. Trying hard winning the final five ends helped but the deficit was too much eventually going down 15-25.

On Rink 2: Jane, Roger P ( in his first game ) and Roy faced a strong triple too. Unfortunately the match ebbed away from them and by the time of last orders found themselves 9-21 behind.

On Rink 3: Romney, Pauline and Ken were pouring up a nice head each end and were 10-4 up when injuries forced a retirement from either side. On came the Captains, Steve for Downton and Myself for us as replacements to finish the last 10 ends. A full bodied tussle ensued but we kept up the early stout performance to run out 19-14 victors.

On Rink 4: Roger N, Lorna and Jim were mashing together end after end, many of them close enough that a “C.A.M.R.A” might be needed, though a measure sufficed. Our triple went on to an excellent 14-8 success and a cracking round of bowls.

Well done to Steve and his team from Downton for a cracking display of bowling and for their hospitality. Steve also gave us a few “hand-picked” jokes at tea, perhaps if he had put them in a keg it would have been a barrel of laughs (you had to be there).

es we lost but it was a fun afternoon and the rain clouds stayed away for the match to be played. This was an I.P.A. day (an improved performance away) so it is on to another away game at Mere later in the week.

Thanks to all the team, everyone gave their best and four points keeps us bubbling away in contention.