Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


On a journey from Salisbury’s high street to Amesbury’s green you pass close by ten old “Spitfire” locations. At these sites parts were secretly built to assemble over 2,000 of the iconic aircraft in WWII. A life size replica of the plane is raised proudly next to the road just down from the large fortification of Old Sarum. In 1086 all of England’s most powerful men came to the castle swearing oaths to protect William the Conqueror, years later Spitfires that the area supplied the R.A.F would help repel someone else who sought to be a conqueror.

With visibility gradually clearing both clubs lined up in formation on 4 rinks, engaged and revved up to strike that decisive early advantage. Chocks away!

Jan, Amr and Ed found themselves five behind in Amesbury’s slipstream but once our triple took off however, they never looked back. Keeping their nose in front towards the end, they came home worthy 19-15 victors.

Me, Helen and Anthony scrambled to an early lead but our foe was always on our wing, only one behind us by end 12. Latterly we seemed to lose our bearings and we went into a bit of a tail spin, so try as might it got away from us 10-19.

Ann, Ron and John got off to a flyer and climbed quickly getting a six and a five, which always helps. Having propelled themselves into a comfortable position they taxied home to a commanding 21-10 victory.

Heather (thanks for stepping in at the last minute), Pauline and Mick were in a right duel at 11-11 with six ends to play. Our hosts then seem to have found more fuel in the tank for the finish and they landed a 15-24 win. Hard luck guys.

We congratulate Ali and her team on their success and for their warm hospitality. Ok we lost, but only by three, so a good knock and as always it was the team’s result. This season we have fought hard in every game and I am so proud of you all.

The past five years have “flown” by, but the time has come for this to be my final quirky report. I would like to pay tribute to everyone who has supported our team since I became captain, the unseen heroes and heroines that are the glue that make it all work. Volunteers who step forward to manicure the green, maintain the buildings and organise the communications (including the website and fixtures). Not forgetting those who helped with the bar, raffle, kitchen, cleaning and even the human scarecrows, my deepest thanks to you all. Lastly to the amazing multitude of bowlers who have given their all for us, culminating in reaching our zenith by winning the league and becoming this year’s Westbrook Champions.

It has been an honour and privilege.