Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


On this day many moons ago, Christopher Columbus set sail to find a new route to places like India and China. Instead he bumped into what we now know as the Bahamas, how’s that for good luck. Our expedition tonight was only a few miles away so life boats were never on the cards and the chance of bumping into anything like an Iceberg would be a lettuce in the local high street allotment. Three rinks would sort out the bragging rights tonight.

Romney, Sandra and John were holding the nap hand on several ends until Skip Mike came in with a knock out bowl to “whist” the score away for the home team. Despite this our triple nearly came up trumps by taking the last three, going down fighting 12-13, hard luck guys.

Jan, Amr and Ken did the early spade work with a stunning 7 and in the second half literally had a prile of threes followed by a 123. This saw them holding all the aces, going on to flush out a very impressive 29-8 victory.

Ann, Paul and Anthony lost the first six on the bounce to be 0-9 down but then started to bridge the gap. Such was their change in fortunes that they held a lead of four after end 16 then got a knock back by dropping that four on the 17th. Some cracking bowling saw them finish with a five bowl (card) trick on the last, winning 21-16. They deservedly were good value for their pontoon score of 21.

Thanks to Mike and his team for a warm welcome and for their hospitality. I would like to say we played our cards close to our chest to win this but the score line does not reflect how tight this game was at times. We wish Alderbury and their clutch of new bowlers the very best for their closing matches to the season.

This result keeps us well ahead at the top and each fantastic performance means the chances of a joker coming out of the pack recede each time.

A piece of trivia: Did you know a pack of cards has Two “One eyed” Jacks and One “suicide” King and all the Queens are holding flowers? …….Misspent youth I guess!

Thank you team for yet another thrilling game played with plenty of Heart, a little spade work, two good clubs and players that shone like diamonds.