Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


Sit-back, close your eyes and picture being at the beach. Calm blue waters ripple where our green used to be, the benches have turned into candy striped deckchairs and the concrete floor, sand for our toes to nestle in. A Punch and Judy booth stands where the storage shed was with cries of “that’s the way to do it” filling the air. On the picture wall, families put their heads through a hole where Mr Bowly’s face used to be for a funny photo. A top the rockery a mystic green-keeper gazes deeply into a crystal bowl and by placing a fiver in his palm he will reveal the secrets of playing rink 3.
Eyes open and there is not one ounce more moisture on the green than before (shame). No time for dreaming and as we were to see that neither side were aiming to throw in the towel or “lilo” in the heat tonight.

Rink 5: Jackie, Mike and Ray found the current flowing only one way by half time but surf that goes out also come back in and from 1-11 down were soon level pegging. The last six ends were a nervy dodgems contest with the Sixpenny triple getting in first and despite a further come back by our team we went down 15-17.

Rink 4: Heather, Mick and Geoff played out a helter-skelter of a game with plenty of turnovers. Wrestling back the lead to be one up with one to play we had thrown ourselves a life jacket. 6d however pushed the boat out and came in with a heart breaking four, taking the rink 10-13.

Rink 2: Roger, Pauline and Jim were never going to be worried about any flip flops as they secured 15 of the 18 ends. Only losing three ends is a clear sign they managed our home green much the better and “that’s the way to do it” Sun-tan lotion an absolute must when you have a scorching 27-7 victory.

Our appreciation goes to Ron and team Sixpenny Handley for an evening of very competitive bowling as well as excellent company.

Whether you won or were a gallant second tonight it is always a TEAM result and my thanks go to you all. It gets tough as the season counts down but it is four vital points in the bag and it all helps us get one step closer. Perhaps we should have asked our crystal gazing groundsman for a sneak peek at the end of season table!