Wilton Friendly

Wilton Friendly

Eventually we got there, after so many chops and changes – big thank you to all who accommodated the ins and outs and reversals of the team selection.

We were al there in plenty of time and managed to get started early and avoided having to have our photos taken; the weather was kind in that it did not rain but the wind was a tad nippy and biting by 8/9 ends. The green at Wilton was playing better than I have known and looked great – still got the roll down to the river, which caught out a few!

Before we had the Celebration match we had a spider to raise fund for VIBE, so not a completely free afternoon – Romney won that.

On to the match itself – apart from James being physically abused for asking Ros Corke when she’d learnt to draw – a sublime wood to win the end on another rink all went well. James and John Heenan securing good wins by the same margin realist in differing offers of to decide who was the best rink.

Wilton wanted to declare it a draw, but try as I might I could not manage to do that; Salisbury won on shots (85-74) and rinks (3-2); however, Wilton thrashed us on the one that mattered – the RAFFLE (8-4)

Onwards to the next friendly vs Moordown.