Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


On the eve of the Queen’s Trooping the Colour we were back on ceremony hosting Alderbury. Our visitors were looking for a changing of the guard following their defeat to us in the cup last week, we of course were hoping to be jubilant again.

Romney, Lorna and Roy didn’t hold their horses. They stole a march initially which they maintained crowning it by a 26-6 win.

Close inspection of Roger, Pauline and Ed’s rink saw a very tight match and ranks as one of the closest. With no one about to wave the flag it went to the final end, Alderbury edging it by 15-14.

In a cracking rink where both teams seemed to be keeping their powder dry until Jane, Mick and Anthony mounted a strong challenge calling on some extra artillery to fire a 15-12 victory.

We salute Mike and his team from Alderbury for a wonderfully engaging and extremely friendly evening of bowls enjoyed by all, including the spectators. Celebrations went our way 6-2 on points with everyone playing their part, thanks team.

From bowls thoughts now inevitably turn to the country really letting their hair down, some with strands of red, white and blue in their locks. Don’t worry about any wind because as we say in these parts, I am sure there will be plenty willing to put a “Platinum”!

Happy 70th Ma’am