Postponed Four Rink match vs Chippenham Town

Postponed Four Rink match vs Chippenham Town

On Friday 13 May we hosted Chippenham Town in the postponed league match of the Wiltshire Four Rink. With Chippenham having beaten Spencer Moulton in the week by a narrow margin, all cards were on the table for this game.

We took full advantage of the home field rushing into an early lead at 5 ends – Captain Tom’s rink leading 7-2, Bob Armstrong (replacement skip as Nick could not play) leading 5-3, Perry leading 11-1 and Chris trailing narrowly 4-5. We knew we had to keep the momentum up and by the halfway stage we were 22 shots up across the four rinks despite Bob now trailing 5-10. A big shout to Perry who on the third end elected for a runner at two bowls about three feet apart and executed it to perfection collecting a big six shots at the early stage.

The match continued in this fashion and despite a few big counts from both teams over the final flurry of ends, we held out to secure the match. The big question was how many points would we get.

First off was Perry’s rink, truly exhibiting the sense of speed bowls finishing five ends ahead of Chris and Bob. Perry’s rink finished 23-14 and the first two points of the night. Next off was Captain Tom’s rink securing a healthy 20-10 win and a further two points. This left Chris and Bob a few ends to play each.

Next off was Chris’ rink. A crucial final end as Chris went to the mat holding a precarious one and a 17-14 lead on the board. However, with four Chippenham bowls just behind the jack he knew any movement could cost them the rink. After much deliberation and discussion Chris elected to draw the swinging hand to sit our bowl down behind the jack and stop the trail. He played it perfectly leaving the Chippenham skip Steve Heseltine no possibility of securing the four shots. Chris held onto the one and took a further two points with a 18-14 lead.

Last off was Bob’s rink. Over the final few ends they have been scrapping for single shots to get them back in contention, but the experienced Chippenham Town skip Neil Connor was having none of it. Luckily with a big four in the closing stages it left Bob’s rink trailing 13-14 as they entered their final end. A great bowl early doors on the end saw Salisbury holding a single as the skips went to bowl. However, the jack position was very hard to get to and neither skip could add or attack the head leaving Salisbury with a well-earned single and a tied rink 14-14.

A great result for the team as we march onto the next game away against Marlborough on 18 May.