Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


Internationally May 17th celebrates many things, one of which is “Cherry Cobbler Day”, who knew? Locally however we welcomed Amesbury to SBC, a fixture that always whisks up all the ingredients you need for a tasty match. Proof of the pudding would bake up on the green.

Harold, Pauline and Alan got up to temperature quickly and as the game went on turned up the heat even more for a fantastic 30-11 win.

Barbara, Mick and Jim really did have the right mixture of line and length and after a great start were never going to fold, rolling out very worthy 22-9 victors.

Jane, Mick and Ken were under the grill from the early ends and just couldn’t get that dash of something to change the recipe to trouble Amesbury’s triple losing 6-24.

Ann, Howard and Anthony didn’t “knead” any luck as their game was nicely well done, each bowl measured to take a 22-11 helping, a very crisp performance.

Cherry Cobbler normally has cherries beneath a biscuit or crumb type covering but after this showing we can rightly indulge and put a Cherry on the top!

Ali and her team from Amesbury got us to eke out every ounce to forge ahead and despite the early showers everyone engaged in a very friendly game.

Thanks again to our bowlers for a third convincing win in a row, it has been a dream start to the season and table topping feels incredible.

Oh! I forgot to mention that today also commemorates “Pinot Grigio Day”

Now it would be rude not to observe tradition wouldn’t it, so “Cheers everyone”.