Party Party Party Party

Party Party Party Party

I have to say the members of Salisbury Bowling Club know how to party……..!

They party inside with their sanding, filling and painting.

They continue down the corridor and party in the kitchen and the toilets with their cloths, rollers and soapy water.

They continue outside and party round the green pulling up weeds etc and putting rink liners back in place.

Not done with with that, they party round the green with benches and seating and table and teak oil.

As if that wasn’t enough they dance round the place with jet washes, up the walls, along the gutters and down on the ground with all kind of attachments.

Occasionally it all got too much so they rested and had a cup of Tea / Coffee courtesy of Romney.

A big thank you to all who turned up today from early doors throughout the morning to enable the green to be set up ready for play this afternoon – you know who you were, so no name to name check you.

However, two people do need a special mention Paul Mortimer and Geoff Bull for the sterling work on the interior on the clubhouse.

As the Chinese proverb goes ‘many hands make light work’ and today showed how much can be achieved.

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