Westbrook MXTL

Westbrook MXTL


This was a month that inspired classic songs like, “It might as well rain until September” (Carole King), “September” (Earth, Wind and Fire) and “Wake me up when September ends” (Green Day). Unfortunately on today’s date some of the world’s most tragic historical events either happened or started. Keeping this upbeat, we will concentrate on an item that occurred on today’s date in 1972.This was when the world saw Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky to become world chess champion in Iceland. There is no truth to the rumour however that this happened across a table between the baked beans aisle and freezer section. In fact this ended 53 days of competition, so perhaps had they played beside the bakery counter it might have ended in a stalemate!

Now stalemate is never an outcome you expect in a match with Mere, though all skips would gladly accept a “bowl one get one free” gift if it was offered. So let’s scan the green and check-out what happened (no beeps, it’s a family club).

Romney, Lorna and Roy got a basket full on end 5, however Mere can never be discounted and they led halfway. This prompted a tremendous response from our triple who gained a trolley load of ends (8 of the last 9) striding clear 26-15.

Ann, Antony and John were in a battle royal with little margin for error, so it was no surprise to see this end in a hard fought draw 16-16. Both teams were so focused that Antony lined up a perfectly calculated line and length for John to follow only for John to say, “I haven’t any bowls left”. Antony was clearly demonstrating the intense commitment that both sides had shown on rink but also that bowls can be fun too and everyone had a good laugh.

Derek, Ed and Helen struggled a little up to halfway but soon things started to click and they certainly collected, taking seven of the last nine. Our triple stacked up the score to comfortably bag a 19- 11 victory (this was also Derek and Helen’s first time in the Westbrook and it was a successful one, well done).

Congratulations to all our team for again digging in and getting a great win into the bargain, we have shown such dogged character all season, cheers guys and gals. John and team Mere should also be praised for their part in this good humoured and high quality game this afternoon. On another day they might have got a lot more out of the match, so we hope they are rewarded in their final games.

As far as the league is concerned, this was just the ticket and we should now be in an unassailable position and we still have one match to go! It is lucky that at S.B.C. we do not need a barcode or club card to relax with a drink, because we definitely deserve one.

We have done it, thank you so much everyone.


P.S In 1752, Sept 3rd to 13th never actually happened, believe it or not, it’s true!