Club Finals Weekend 2021

Club Finals Weekend 2021

Sunday 5 September 2021

Championship Final. Fraser Boynton 21 Tom Warner 5

SBC 2021 Fraser Boynton Singles

Not as one sided as the score would suggest, lasting 19 ends, but after Tom won the first two ends, once Fraser got ahead on the fourth end he was in front all the way, playing some excellent bowls throughout the game.

Congratulations to him, a worthy winner, following the disappointment of losing narrowly in the Wiltshire unbadged singles semi-final on Saturday, and commiserations to Tom who has had a very successful season in many competitions, both club and county, reaching several semi-finals and finals without getting over the finishing line.

2 wood final. Bob Armstrong 17 Fraser Boynton 15

Following on from the championship final, Bob Armstrong took an early lead before Fraser came storming back from 2-11 down to draw level at 11-11. By the 20th end the score had reached 15 -15 meaning a last end shoot-out which resulted in a win for Bob when Fraser narrowly missed the jack with his final bowl and left Bob holding two shots. An exciting end to our finals applauded by those who had come to watch.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners-up for providing those watching with some very enjoyable matches.


Saturday 4 September 2021

Men’s Veterans Singles Final: Bob Armstrong beat Graham House 22-17.
Men’s Special Singles Final: Merv Ford beat Tom Woodfine 21-17.
Men’s Handicap Singles Final. Tom Warner beat Ken Bryan 22-14
Men’s Handicap Pairs Final: Chris Collins and Merv Ford beat Toby Fiddy and Steve Gregory 28-27.
There were some excellent matches today in front of a fair crowd of members and families.

The Vets final was a close fought contest over 30 ends. The lead changed hands three times. Graham House took a small early lead, but Bob Armstrong went ahead at the tenth end and held the lead until the 25th end. Graham led briefly but a count of four on the 30th end sealed the win for Bob.

The quality of the play in the Special Singles was very high indeed. After a few years of trying, Merv Ford won this competition against Tom Woodfine, who is new to the game this season. Tom’s progress has been amazing. Tom led until the sixteenth end but Merv finally got ahead to lead 19-12 after 23 ends. It took Merv another six ends to get over the line as Tom narrowed the gap with some outstanding play.

In the Handicap singles, the handicapper gave Ken Bryan five shots. Tom Warner caught him after nine ends and then went ahead strongly with some amazingly accurate play.

Finally the Pairs Handicap saw a “one-end shoot-out” in the twenty-first end.Toby Fiddy and Steve Gregory had the benefit of a seven shot handicap advantage and extended that lead to thirteen shots after fifteen ends. However Chris and Merv scored 3-5-2-1-2-1 on the last six ends to win by one.
It must be a long time since Merv played fifty ends of bowls in one day!

John Hurle